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Autumn equinox rejuvenation event -SOLD OUT




10:00am- 5:00pm EST


Orchard View Lavender Farm 101 Karrsville Rd, Port Murray, NJ 07865

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In the Ayurvedic tradition, early fall is considered a transitional stage occurring between mid September to late October. The current intense summer heat will soon begin to hint the crispness of Autumn which is dry, windy, cool, erratic and is considered a classic vata season. The two elements, air and ether become prominent in the outer atmosphere and harbor a certain emptiness that can leave us feeling exposed and a little raw. Ayurveda puts special emphasis on body therapies with warm herbal oils, to retain moisture and combat the dryness of the vata dosha.

During the session warm herbal oils are applied on both choices of therapies and your session will end with steam towels leaving you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and energized all at the same time.

Enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the lavender farm property while getting the benefits of a half hour session of Ayurveda Foot Reflexology or Ayurveda Head Massage under the beautiful pergola in the farm’s Tranquility Garden and depending on the weather could be indoors. Such a day can bring the heart and all its activities into harmony, while helping the body adjust to seasonal changes right before the Autumn Equinox.

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