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Ayurvedic Reflexology - Foot, Hand & Face (55 min)

Ayurveda Reflexology known as 'Pada-byanga' in the tradition is an amazing body therapy known to balance body energies. Ayurveda believes that for healthy functioning of mind as well as body, it is indispensable for the vital energy to flow without any disruption. The primary emphasis is on establishing a subtle balance among the various energy systems of the body. This is done by channelizing the flow of vital energy throughout the energy systems efficiently. The hand and foot reflexology sessions employ the usage of Ayurveda herbal oils to avoid unnecessary frictions in the energy optimization process. Since marma points are found more in number on face, hands and feet, the whole body benefits from this session. Among the wide range of oils used, warmed sesame oil with herbs is the most commonly used in these sessions. 'Pada-byanga' cleanses the body by removing toxins and as a result, the treatment helps to: Boosts the immune system Increases circulation Promotes healing and well being Balances energy. Steam towels are used at the end of each session.

Some of the benefits of Ayurveda Foot Reflexology (Padabhyanga)

One feels grounded and rooted.

Soothes the nerves, relaxes and revitalizes the central nervous system.

Relieves discomfort in feet and legs either from long standing, walking or wearing high heels and wrong fitted shoes.

Calms the agitated mind and acts as a stress reliever.

Relieves fatigue.

Work on the marma points, establishes the free flow of energy in all the energy channels throughout the body.

Helps to draw toxins out of the body.

Helps to balance all the three doshas.


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