Nourish, Balance, and Transform with Ayurveda

Initial Ayurveda Wellness Consultation & Coaching (90 Min)

In this 90 minute session you will learn the simple yet effective tools through Ayurveda Coaching. The initial session is based on an in depth dosha assessments. It includes an extensive evaluation of your prakriti which is the natural state of your physical constitution as determined at the time of birth and vikruti which means the root cause of your imbalances that you are facing at the present moment due to lifestyle and dietary routines. Learning about your unique dosha combination you come to know your natural inherent strengths (balances,) and your greatest challenges (imbalances.) After your appointment confirmation, you will receive Ayurveda constitution forms which must be filled and emailed to Vibha 3 days before your appointment date.



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Green tulip health & wellness, LLC accepts cash, venmo and personal check at the time of service (This does not apply to gift certificate, packages, online coaching and courses). Kindly inform Vibha to book your service if you are not paying by credit card or paypal. Thank you.
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