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Real work happens by listening, joining, absorbing, participating and actually experiencing the real work.

Come and join our self care and self empowerment retreat at this coastal Southern California beachfront penthouse for 3 nights and 2 days from January 13 -16, 2022 to immerse in the centuries-old healing method of Ayurveda lifestyle, nutrition and weather permitting carefree walks/ meditation on the beach by the Pacific Ocean and much more.

Ayurveda wellness spiritual healing retreat is the best way to embark on a journey toward deeper relaxation. During your stay, you will be provided  home cooked delicious vegetarian meals, an array of worshops/ sessions such as workshops/consults,  crystal healing, chakra balancing, yoga, vegetarian cooking class based on the Ayurvedic principles,  and free time to reflect. These healing modalities are proven to reduce stress and improve mental & physical strength and well-being habits. Retreats are the best ways to break a mundane routine. Take a step back and rejuvenate your senses, mind, body and soul while everything is taken care for you. It is the best way to explore your own pace, away from home in order to get back in touch with yourself.

Leave your laptop home, turn off your phone and immerse yourself in this calming, relaxing and rejuvenating retreat with Vibha Rana, Certified Ayurveda wellness consultant & therapist from East Stroudsburg,PA and Sapna Rana, a certified Life coach, Reiki practitioner and vegetarian chef from Dallas TX.

For more information please contact Vibha via email at [email protected] CC: [email protected]

Subject line: Ayurveda & spiritual healing wellness retreat. 

Details of venue and registration form are in the link below.

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